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Chapter 4 - The future of GEOMILL326

Research by Dr. Sakai carried out using the GEOMILL326, begins in earnest now.

"With the analysis of microfossils in deposits it's possible to reconstruct the deep sea environment as it was.

Extracting microfossils from soft sediment soft is a relatively simple process, thus many people were doing it. However, the analysis of microfossils contained in limestone is difficult, and because of that hasn't been done until now. By using the GEOMILL326 we're able to see for the first time what the oceanic environment was like that resulted in the growth of these corals."

When speaking about the commercial release of the GEOMILL326, Dr. Sakai commented that it had been an important step forward for the research community, and that he looked forward to seeing future research results reached without his direct involvement.

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