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Drilled powder flies away due to static electricity! How do we handle it?

When manually collecting powder samples after drilling by GeoMill 326 with a small spoon or needle, you may find that the powder scatters due to static electricity. There are several possible causes, but mainly the dryness of the air.

It is surprisingly difficult to remove the effects of static electricity, but it can be remedied. How to do so is as follows:

(1) Apply moisture to the sample surface with a wet tissue.

2) Wait for the sample surface to dry. If you are in hurry, use an air duster to dry the surface.

3) drill the sample.

This will often reduce the effects of static electricity and make the collection process more comfortable.

The same can be said for collecting with KYUSHU=DANJI. Before drilling, moisten the sample surface with a wet tissue. This will improve the recovery rate.

Please give it a try.

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