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With recent trends toward more accurate analytical instruments and smaller sample sizes, the need has increased for accurate chemical analysis of trace samples from fossils and rock samples. Manual operations under a microscope and the use of lathes and microtomes have been employed as techniques for such microdomain sampling, but these techniques have limited accuracy. Geomill326 allows accurate sampling at 1/1000 mm scales, enabling stable microdomain milling and shorter milling times.

Geomill326 has a CMOS camera that allows simple, real-time operation from a PC. It also features a movable stage and software that allows coordinates to be specified on the image obtained from the camera. These coordinates are converted to stage coordinates, enabling automatic milling in a variety of advanced applications, including milling along specific sites, for example, along the growth bands of polished coral skeletons, shells, otoliths and stalagmites, as well as along sediment laminae and mineral particles.

Most mills are not designed for portability after installation, so they require lots of space. Geomill326 breaks that mold, allowing for high precision while retaining a compact, portable design. Installation can be further customized to fit a variety of needs.

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