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Many options are available for Geomill326! Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Single crystal diamond bit

Geomill326 comes with a tungsten carbide drill bit as standard equipment. This bit will be sufficient for many applications, but is not intended for jobs requiring micrometer precision, or for extremely hard materials. This single-crystal diamond bit has an extremely sharp but durable tip that is best suited for such jobs. However, note that it has low durability against horizontal drilling.

Extra-large sample stage

A larger stage is useful in situations requiring large samples of several tens of centimeters, such as sections of stalagmites and shallow marine corals. The extra-large stage is a platform for just that purpose. Below the platform is a coarse motion stage that helps reduce the hassle of reattaching samples each time the cutting target changes.

LED Transmitted illumination

For some materials (for example, the growth lines of shells and fish otoliths, stalagmite laminae, and mineral particles), clear observation requires the illuminating power of transmitted illumination. Should your work involve such applications, the Geomill326 stage can be fitted with a compact LED transmitted light source.

Drill angle display plate

The angle of Geomill326's drill is adjustable. The drill angle display plate is a disk you can attach to the motor drill support pole which has an indicator for the drill attack angle. This display makes it easier to precisely adjust the drill to specific angles, or to find the angle perpendicular to the specimen surface.

LED unit for fluorescent observation

This is a fluorescent observation lighting LED unit, perfect for applications such as real-time observation of coral growth lines. This unit is currently under development. Please keep in touch for further information.

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